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Hearing Health Blog

Sound is measured in decibels (dB). The higher the dB, the louder the sound. While conversation may be 50 or 60 dB, a lawn mower can be as loud as 120 dB. Exposure to sounds above 85 dB can damage your hearing. Ear protection reduces decibel levels. Do you know about the different types of ear protection ? How about

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Earmolds can be very useful to hearings aids. In fact, many hearing aids require an earmold to ensure it works properly. Let’s look at why: What is an earmold? An earmold is an impression of your ear. This impression focuses on the canal and the bowl of the outer part of your ear. Why is this important? It is important

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Many people are interested in protecting their hearing. This includes people who have no hearing loss and people who have lost some hearing capabilities and do not want to lose more. Understanding more about hearing loss can help to reduce your chances of suffering this common health issue. Here are some of the top FAQ’s for hearing loss prevention.  1.

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