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What Does an Audiologist Do?

Ear Doctor

The typical setting for an audiologist is in their own clinic, surrounded by other professionals. But this isn’t the only place an audiologist can be found. They often branch out to multiple settings, using their talents to the fullest to help hearing health. Almost all types of hearing loss can be treated by trained audiologists, so it is no surprise that they branch out to communities where they’re needed.


AAA is an annual conference that holds the largest gathering of audiologists around the world. It was formerly known as AudiologyNOW!, but currently goes by the shortened acronym AAA (American Academy of Audiology). The academy is a huge resource of up to date information, following the latest trends in the industry that work to improve hearing. They are on top of innovation, and many of the top audiologists in the world are members.


Audiologist hold screenings in local schools when possible, which is a free way to help out kids with possible hearing problems. Hearing health is associated with learning disabilities, so a lot can be uncovered through these screenings. If problems are found during the screening, parents are referred to an audiologist to help uncover more information. The grades that allow hearing tests are determined by the local state health or education department, starts as low as kindergarten. 


Jobs that expose employees to high noise levels usually have a contract in place for mandatory screenings. These hearing screenings are tied to mobile unit’s onsite with audiologists, and are covered under the provided insurance. In rare cases where the employee opts out of coverage, they are still required to go through with the screening. Audiologists are take on a wide range of insurance providers, so depending on the professional in charge, using a third party provider won’t be an issue. Hearing screenings for work protect the employee and the employer from future damages.

Military Contracts

Being a military audiologist is a great position to reach in the Medical Service Corps. Military service members on the front line are subjected to high noise levels, higher than the normal civilian. To keep their hearing health in the top tier, audiologists use the latest technology for treatment. The research alone is worth the position, and it helps to advance the technology inside and outside of military service.