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Hearing Aid Repairs

With proper care and maintenance, hearing aids will provide 5-7 years or more of service. But any sophisticated electronic device may eventually need maintenance – especially one that is constantly subjected to a warm, moist environment.

Should your hearing aids start acting up, you may be able to resolve the issue with a few simple steps you can take at home.
Try the following tips before bringing your hearing aids in for repair.

If there is no sound:

  • Make sure the batteries have been inserted correctly
  • Replace the batteries; they may be weak or dead
  • Use wax cleaning tools to remove earwax that may have accumulated around the earmold, or try replacing the wax guard
  • Use blower tool to clean tubing
  • Make sure hearing aid isn’t set to telecoil mode

If there is feedback or whistling:

  • Remove and reinsert your hearing aids
  • Lower the volume
  • Make sure nothing is blocking or covering your hearing aids
  • Have your doctor check your ears for earwax

If sound is weak or distorted:

  • Replace the battery; it may be weak or dead
  • Open the battery compartment and clean the interior with a dry cloth
  • Clean the earmold or tubing with wax removal tools and replace the wax guard
  • If the program beeps or low battery beeps are not heard clearly, pay particular attention to cleaning the microphone.

To reduce the odds of having any issues develop, make sure to take proper care of your hearing aids. Clean them on a daily basis by wiping the surfaces with a soft cloth. Avoid using water or cleaning fluids. Store them in a protective case when not in use, and be sure to take them to your audiologist for routine “clean and check” visits.