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Oticon Ponto System

The Ponto System is a full range of bone anchored sound processors, wireless accessories, implant and surgical components, and fitting software. Renowned for its premium sound quality, Ponto sound processors help users achieve better speech understanding and more comfortable listening in even the most challenging situations.

A complete solution for lifelong patient outcomes

The Ponto bone anchored hearing system is designed to ensure successful outcomes and improved hearing for patients with conductive and mixed hearing losses. It can be used for single-sided deafness or fitted bilaterally (on both ears).

A Ponto bone anchored system consists of three parts:

  1. A small (3 or 4 mm) titanium implant that sits in the bone behind the ear
  2. An abutment that juts out through the skin
  3. A Ponto sound processor
Oticon Ponto System

Numerous scientific studies have proven the superiority of the Ponto system for sound quality, understanding speech and ease of use. A review of all clinical data comparing Ponto sound processors to other bone anchored hearing devices reveals that more than two thirds of patients who are given a choice prefer a Ponto sound processor to the alternative device.

Proven stability for superior sound

Bone anchored hearing systems have a successful 30-year history based on the Brånemark principle of osseointegration. Ponto bone anchored sound processors combine the proven stability of the procedure with superior sound quality and the latest technological solutions, such as greater wireless connectivity.

Oticon Medical also supplies a full range of abutments, surgical instruments and fitting software to support this well-established surgical concept.

Oticon Ponto System

How bone conduction hearing systems work

Bone anchored hearing systems are designed to use your body’s natural ability to transfer sound through bone conduction. The sound processor picks up sound, converts them into vibrations, and sends them through your skull bone, directly to your inner ear. This bypasses any problems in your ear canal or middle ear.

A bone anchored system consists of three parts:

  1. A small (3 or 4 mm) titanium implant that sits in the bone behind the ear
  2. An abutment that juts out through the skin
  3. A sound processor
Oticon Ponto System

The sound processor connects easily to the abutment with a simple click. Whenever you need to remove it – prior to showering and sleeping etc – just click it off again.

How it works

how oticon ponto works

The sound processor picks up sound waves in much the same way as a conventional hearing aid. But instead of sending them through your ear canal, it transforms them into sound vibrations and sends them, via the abutment and implant, through your skull. In this way the vibrations travel directly to your inner ear, bypassing any problems in your outer and/or middle ear.

The procedure

Getting a bone anchored hearing system is a safe, relatively simple process. Once you, your audiologist and your surgeon have established that this is the best solution, you will undergo minor surgery to place a small titanium implant in the bone behind your ear.

Who can benefit from a bone anchored hearing system?

If your hearing loss is due to problems in your outer or middle ear, ask your hearing care professional about bone anchored devices. Specifically designed to bypass any problems in the ear canal or middle ear, these devices may offer you far clearer, more natural listening.