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Our Hearing Professionals

Kacy Creswell

Kacy Creswell

We’re excited to announce Kacy Creswell to our team of Audiology Professionals! Kacy received her Doctorate in Audiology from Utah State University in 2019 after completing her residency at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California.

Kacy is proficient in performing hearing tests, balance tests, and advanced electrophysiological testing on patients of all ages. When asked why she was so passionate about Audiology, Kacy responded, “So often people don’t realize how a hearing loss can have such a significant impact on their social life, and in turn, their quality of life. I love the field of audiology because it allows me to help patients stay engaged with their loved ones and other important aspects of their life.”

During the 2018 American Auditory Society Conference, Kacy presented her research on the Band Importance Functions for Male and Female Speech. She concluded female talkers, on average, have more weight in the higher frequencies when compared to male talkers. Clinically, this is important to keep in mind when counseling patients about the impacts of hearing impairment and for optimizing audibility of speech when using amplification.

When Kacy is not hard at work helping patients with their hearing health, she is enjoying her new Colorado landscape with her husband. Backpacking, climbing, camping (sun or snow), and wood-burning are a few of her favorite activities!

Amanda Cegelske

Amanda Cegelske

Office Location: Montrose and Delta, CO

Dr. Amanda Cegelske is originally from Fairmont, Minnesota but recently moved to Montrose, Colorado, to join the Colorado West practice. She received her Doctorate of Audiology from the University of Wisconsin in 2021 after completing her residency at Mercy Hospital Springfield in Missouri. She is proficient in performing hearing tests to provide hearing aids and cochlear implants for patients. Dr. Cegelske enjoys providing evidence-based hearing healthcare to both pediatric and adult populations noting, “I get to provide the necessary tools to help my patients communicate with their loved ones. It’s fulfilling to help someone improve their quality of life.”

When Dr. Cegelske is not helping patients, she enjoys spending her time reading, skiing, mountain biking, and camping. Dr. Amanda is new to Montrose and is now accepting patients at the Montrose and Delta, CO locations!