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Hearing Resources

Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids

Download our consumer's guide to hearing aids and make informed decisions on the purchase of your next hearing aid device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the commonly asked questions associated with hearing care services as well as hearing aid products and accessories

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Different Types of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss may be mild, moderate, moderately-severe, severe or profound and vary across pitches so it is important to understand the many different types of hearing loss.

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Protecting Your Hearing

Protecting your hearing is the best way to prevent hearing loss from occurring. There are some forms that can’t be prevented (hearing loss related to aging or hereditary factors, for instance). But taking steps to prevent hearing loss from other factors can be accomplished by following a few tips.

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Hearing Loss Facts

When it comes to hearing loss, separating fact from fiction will lead to a better understanding and improve the odds of successful treatment. Here are some facts about hearing loss.

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How to Get Help

If you are having trouble hearing clearly and suspect you might have hearing loss, your first step in dealing with the problem is to contact an audiologist for a hearing exam.

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Choosing The Right Hearing Aid

Today’s hearing aids are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and shapes. They may be worn in the ear canal, the bowl-shaped portion (concha) of the ear, or behind the ear. Digital technology has led to an impressive assortment of features and options that help improve the listening experience.

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Helping a Loved One

When a loved one is experiencing hearing loss, he or she needs your support more than ever. It’s important to understand the feelings they may be experiencing, such as anger, frustration, anxiety and even depression. There are steps you can take to help a spouse or loved one cope with hearing loss.

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Useful Information

A great collection of additional resources and organizations related to hearing healthcare in the greater Colorado West area.

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